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Jul 23, - Because pineapple is pretty acidic, eating a lot of it or drinking a lot of pineapple juice can help cut down on the bitter taste of semen. "Cranberries help balance the pH levels in semen, making for a better taste," says Dr. Bennett.

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May 31, - I've heard of eating chocolate and pineapple — is this true? metabolize what you eat, and that can of pineapple juice isn't going But again, no amount of pineapple in the world is going to make that semen taste like a piña. Dec 23, - There's no need to drink pineapple juice right before having oral sex. 'No amount is going to make that semen taste like a piña colada,' says.

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Dec 22, - Drinking pineapple juice will change the taste of semen, and 4 other oral sex myths that are ruining your sex life. Oct 26, - Can you change the way your semen or vagina tastes during oral sex and One couple experimented with pineapple juice, celery, meat and.

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Jun 4, - In fact, this is how women and also men describe the taste of semen. Another food that is considered to make it sweeter is pineapple juice. Jul 10, - Many people swear by the idea that if you drink pineapple juice or eat . She normally found the taste of his semen fairly gross, but this time it.

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Mar 8, - We asked experts if eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice can really change the taste of vaginal secretions and semen. If you want you sperm to taste sweet, you'll have to cut meat and starch Drinking enough pineapple juice to make any difference is just pornoroliki.xyzple and sperm taste.

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May 31, - Did you remember to drink pineapple juice? Yes, ladies — and men too, Tragically, beer can make semen taste bitter. Some guys, of course. Jun 19, - It was true; I kissed her and my semen tasted like fruit juice. During the previous few days, I had eaten pineapple and berries for lunch and was.

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Citrus: We all know that orange juice is good for us when we get a cold Other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, pineapple, lemons or lime are also high in this. Nov 30, - Internet discussions agree. Fruit juices are often recommended to sweeten semen, notably, apple and pineapple. Meanwhile, foods reported to.

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Apr 3, - Nope. I'll try to make this as simple as possible. When you drink juice—any kind of juice, including pineapple—the liquid remains entirely within. Oct 10, - I have asked him if he eats a lot of pineapple of if he drinks a lot of juice, but he said no, not really. Then again, the locals over here do tend to.